Restoring the Foundation

March 13, 2021 marks the two-year anniversary of our flood disaster. Even today, I find it hard to talk about the loss and hardship that turned our lives upside down. It’s one of those memories that only time will slowly erode from our minds.

These days, when it seems we’ve turned our deep thinking over to the subtle control of our favorite media sources, it’s almost impossible to dig down and rediscover the foundational values that once brought us security and joy. Gone are the simple days, when we invited the neighbors over to play cards and catch up on the local happenings. Now are the days of keeping up with all the world-wide tragedies and sinister conspiracy theories. We have allowed our smart phones and big screens to reprogram our minds into fearful, divisive and illogical adherents to the dark powers of technology.

But yesterday, Teri and I received a package in the mail that gave us a moment to travel back in time, to the foundation of our marriage. An anonymous person found some soggy, mud stained photos strewn in the debris from our flooded home and took the time and effort to transform them into a wonderful memory album that we will forever cherish. We sat on the couch last night and let the pages take us back to the simple times of our youth. It was like healing elixir to a difficult decade in our lives.

We may never know who the kind hearted individual was, who put forth the effort to create this treasured book. If not, then this is my way of saying thank you. You have not only restored some treasured memories, but you have renewed our faith that good old-fashioned consideration for our fellow man is still alive and well. Thank you!



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